Reviving the Blog

21 04 2009

After realizing that I never even posted the birth of our sweet Haley and she is about to celebrate her 1st birthday, I thought it might just be about time to revive our blog. What a pathetic state of affairs… didn’t even post her crazy birth story… how sad!

Well… lets get started! 🙂

As I said before, Haley is about to be a year old on May 11th. Wow, how time flies!! From the moment of her birth, she has been an interesting baby… filled with sweet smiles, lots of crying and some quiet moments here and there. However, we are finally to the point that she enjoys being with other people and I can actually step out of the room (for the most part) with out her falling apart.
She is crawling and has moved from her funny belly slither to her hands and knees. She is also pulling up and standing… trying to take a few steps while holding on to something. Haley is quite the mischevious little thing & has really started getting in to things over the past 2 weeks. She is babbling and tries to talk, she thinks her sister is hilarious and has a wonderful laugh.
She is our tiny little girl weighing in at a whopping 15 pounds! I think Grace is about a foot taller than her.

Speaking of Grace, she is growing like a weed. Hilarious, with a lot to say, I’m continually amazed by what she picks up on. She has an incredible memory and imagination. My favorite thing right now is that she makes up words… it makes me laugh out loud. At 3 1/2, she is filled with ideas about what we should and should not do, loves to have a treat of any kind, loves crafts & being oustide and is a very helpful big sister.

Pictures to come of our growing girls!



3 05 2008

Check out these awesome tees that our great friend, Heather, from Minnesota (who now lives in Virginia) is designing and selling!
She is a brilliant artist and we are thrilled for her new company! 🙂
We were even blessed with a 1st addition tee for Haley – it is the most adorable onesie ever!

Love and miss you, Heather!


3 05 2008

Shara is engaged to Joel!! 🙂 We are so excited for them and can not wait until their wonderful wedding on November 16th! Although they are too far away and we miss them like crazy, it has been so fun to share in their joy and pray for them as they prepare.
Looking forward to a beautiful fall wedding!!

Big Sis

3 05 2008

Big Sister to Be!

Grace went to a sibling class today to learn all about becoming a big sister. It was held at Harris HEB where Haley will be delivered and she had fun touring the women’s center, seeing the babies in the nursery, practicing holding a ‘baby’, diapering a baby and even watching a video about being a sibling. We had a great time!
We then got to have a fun mommy-daughter date with Keatyn and Kassie at Sweet & Sassy for haircuts and lunch. Lots of fun!!

Some favorites of Grace’s vocabulary right now are:
patapiller = caterpillar
where are we going to with?
aunt chirsti = aunt christi
aunt laura nagee = aunt laura mcgee
toot = cute! 🙂


3 05 2008

Lovely Hostesses

Haley coming soon!

Haley is due on May 15th so it could be any time now! 🙂 My baby belly is getting bigger and bigger by the day I think but I can not complain. I have really had a super easy pregnancy and I am grateful to the Lord for that, for sure!

Family and friends threw a perfect shower for her/me and we had a great, great time. It was such a blessing to celebrate expecting her and I felt so blessed and honored! There were so many special little touches that made it absolutley wonderful.

Aunt Christi took some cute pics of Haley in my belly and our family of 3/almost 4 in the Texas bluebonnets. More pics on the picture link from the shower and bluebonnets.


3 05 2008

Well, it’s been quite a long time since I’ve updated this blog, but finally had a minute to sit down so here we are.
We’ve been back in TX for about 4 1/2 months now which is wild. It has been so fun to re-connect with lots of friends and to be surrounded by family again.
We had a fun several months in our ‘loft’ at Jon and Christi’s and are so grateful for their open hearts and care towards us while we were searching for a place to call home. We moved in to our new house on April 12th after a wonderful baby shower for Haley. We are pretty much settled now and are just working on decorating and getting some furniture to fill up all of this new found space!
God has truly blessed us and we are so excited about this home.
Our House!

Haley is arriving any time now and we can hardly wait! It has been exciting to prepare for her and we can’t wait to welcome her here.
Grace is growing, growing and is full of energy and spunk. We love her expressions and that she randomly will tell us that she loves us. She is in her ‘big girl bed’ now in her ‘purple room’ and she seems to love it. 🙂

Shara and Joel

12 02 2008

It was SO fun to have Shara and her boyfriend, Joel, in town for the weekend from N Carolina!! We’ve missed her so much!!
Lovely to give her a hug, catch up and spend some good time with Joel and her.
Of course, it was sad to see them go… we miss you already!